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Goodbye Waterloo...thank you for the memories

Goodbye Waterloo...thank you for the memories

posted by Dave Dame date-icon December 10, 2014

Kelly and I are moving to Toronto on January 3rd to start our next chapter. I accepted a new job.

Kelly and I moved to Waterloo during our first year of marriage. To move away from the area of where we were born, move away from family & friends, and move away from the known, would either break us apart or bring us even closer together. After 10 years I'm glad it's been the latter.We will continue to try new things and experience life. There is no other person that I want to share this journey with.

We only knew a couple close friends when we first moved here. Over the 9 years we made some amazing friends that will continue for a life time.

We are moving for very intrinsic reasons. Professionally, the Toronto area provides me a rich area for me to continue to grow in my field. Kelly has seen numerous finance opportunities to continue to grow in her space. It provides more independence to travel to places within Toronto. Kelly is always the sole driver and we can never bring my power chair. We will get to experience this new lively city together...without Kelly needing to be the chauffeur in the car and with pushing my portable chair. This move brings us closer to family. I don't think we need to elaborate on what this means.

The last 3 months have been a whirlwind for us. The achievement of walking the 5km relit my flame to realizing anything is possible. Losing a close friend reminded us that life is short. Life needs purpose, life needs to be lived. Kelly being end dated to her job made timing for such a change opportunistic. She has been the 'rock' as I even was approaching this with hesitance.

Kelly and I appreciate how much Waterloo has embraced us. This community is allowed us to grow personally and professionally. The friendships we had grew deeper plus it gave us a bunch of new friends that we will have for a lifetime.Today, the world is a smaller place. Social media has allowed us to keep connected with people no matter the geography. Don't worry, we plan to visit Waterloo often.

Live life. Love those around you. Take chances. Continue to grow.

Kelly and I look forward to this new chapter.

The journey continues…