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posted by Dave Dame date-icon March 30, 2015

Last week I posted pictures for Throwback Thursday (TBT) of when I was a teenager at Woodeden, an Easter Seals Camp. This brought back memories of special people that are no longer with us. Combined with deaths I have had to deal with over the last few years it really hit me hard and got me to reflect on my life. Why do I go through all the struggles...only to come to the same end? My journey on this earth will be quicker than most...this is the life I have...some people believe in a ‘next life’ of where things might be easier or better. I’m not willing to die to find out. I’m not patient because I only have a finite amount of heart beats. I’m not patient because I have a lot of living to do during this time of being alive..

I'm alive for my parents who worked their asses off to ensure that I would have the opportunities to live a life worth living. Who taught me the value of hard work, resilience, and the grit that I would need to keep picking myself up every time I was knocked down.

I'm alive for my passion towards building enterprise agility by harnessing the skills and talents of the people that make up those organizations. Working with the creators of frameworks that has given me a career where it does not seem like work because it's my passion. The people and organizations I've have or had the opportunity to work with to watch them grow and achieve what they did not think was possible. This passion leads to my obsession… Each of which takes a turn in the driver seat.

I'm alive for the experiences: Love, loss, success, failure, anger, frustration, sadness, happiness, first times, routine, pain, and pleasure.

I'm alive for my friends. It does not matter how much time goes by that we still have the connection, the relationship, the closeness to share these things we experience while being alive. All of you mean so much and have given me awesome memories and continue to accompany me on my journey. To pick each other up, to push each other, to support each other, to make sure were not alone on the big stage of life. In your eyes you see me, not what restricts me.

I'm alive for my wife who is the center of my universe. The person that is brave when I no longer want to be. The person that help support my passion and puts up with my stubbornness. The person that I can put my wall down, to just feel. The person that I want to share everything I experience from being alive with. The person that if I had nothing, with her I would still have everything.

Tomorrow is not I'm impatient and want to live today. I push myself to embrace change, seize opportunities, experience things as fast as I can.

Death won’t take me alive