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Strong people cry too

Strong people cry too

posted by Dave Dame date-icon January 03, 2015

I usually pride myself as someone that is strong and can hold their emotions in check. The last few months have been pretty emotional for me. There are people you meet in your life that touch your heart in ways you never forget.

In September I cried as I crossed the finish when I completed walking 5km. 18 months of training physically and mentally had helped me reach this goal and to honour Terry Fox by raising $30,000 for his foundation.

In October I cried as one of my close friends passed away. Thinking back of all our special times we shared and realizing that we would not get the opportunity to add to those special times.

The last two weeks have had me pretty weepy. I had to say goodbye to my trainer, Alex. We spent the last 2 + years training for 3 hours a week. We developed a close bond in working toward spreading 60 lbs and getting stronger then I have ever been. As we did our final training session before Christmas we hugged and we both got misty eyes.

Yesterday I said goodbye to an amazing team that together we accomplished amazing things. We spent the afternoon reflecting on all the accomplishments we made and what needed to be done in the next year. I had to pause a number of times to keep my composure as I spoke with them. These are my brothers of way that I would go in any battle with them. They were colleagues that became brothers.

Also, yesterday my sister sent me one of the most heart warming texts she has ever said to me. She congratulated me on moving to the big city for my new opportunity and how proud my mom was and how proud my dad would be, It was very special to me.

Tonight, was definitely the hardest. I said goodbye to B. We both started crying as we had a long hug. B started working with me as a goofy young punk kid 8 years ago. He went to the beat of his own drum and did the silly things kids do. Over the next 8 years I have seen this young punk grow into an amazing man, husband, and father. Over the years he would provide me with such outstanding care that Iforgot that I had a disability whenever he was with me. We would laugh, rip on each other, prank each other, and grow closer to one another, We would share countless conversations and always be there for each other. I would chirp on him like my little brother about going back to school, to put himself and his family first, and get him to set goals. I did not do this to be a pain, but did this because I knew he had it in him. Seeing this punk kid transform to be a man in front of my eyes makes me so proud. I'm proud to be his older brother. I know one day we will look back on this moment and we will tease one another about the way we cried when we hugged...but I know we were fortunate to share this moment.


Although the frequency of the times we see each other will be less living 120km away from one another, we are all better people from sharing these moments. How great is it to achieve great things and develop such life long relationships. If none of us moved forward from our past we would have never met. As our journeys continue we will experience new achievements and form new relationships...becoming who we were meant to become. We do not really say, 'goodbye', we say, 'see you later'. We will experience new things that we will share with each other when we do talk again. We will continue to be a support circle for one another to help one another.

Our love continues. Our friendship continues. Our journey continues.

These are tears of sadness and these are tears of joy.