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The Power of Words

The Power of Words

posted by Dave Dame date-icon September 06, 2014

As the Terry Fox walk approaches I have been juggling a lot of thoughts and emotions. Training for the walk, multiple work priorities, promoting the walk, looking for a new personal support worker have been all competing for my head space. This week we did my final walk before the big day and I pulled a muscle in my knee. My wife had to struggle getting me back into the house as I could barely put weight on it. Happy to say it's all better now.

This week the following thoughts are running through my head - "Have I prepared enough", "Accelerate", "Why does this have to hurt now", "When will I get a good support worker to interview?...How am I going to get out of bed tomorrow to go to work?", "Reduce time to market", "Capacity", "Am I promoting the Terry Fox walk enough?", "Am I promoting it too much?" "Can I do this walk?", "How are my friends and family doing?". Self doubt. Anger. Fear. Exhaustion. Frustration. You lose yourself.

Then this week a gentleman approached me at the gym. He said, "You say Terry Fox is your hero...YOU are MY hero. I'm at the gym tonight because of you. Thank you"

Re-motivated. Passion re-ignited. Re-focused. Bring on The Terry Fox walk next Sunday, September 14th! I'm Ready!

The Journey Continues.

This video of my workout is courtesy of Edward Platero -