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Transition to Independence...the sh!t is about to get real.

Transition to Independence...the sh!t is about to get real.

posted by Dave Dame date-icon March 08, 2014

Graduating from high school is an exciting and scary time. This is the time you are moving on from the nest to begin your journey toward independence to become an adult.

I was struggling to decide what to take in school and what I wanted to with my life. My dad sat with me to put things in perspective.

He said, "Son, being in a wheelchair, you are not going to be a fireman, cop, or construction worker. You know what else your not going to be? Living under this roof for free the rest of your whatever you are going to do...just do it".

It was the motivation I needed to move forward. It was a new chapter unfolding in my life. My life would start to move forward...the shit was about to become real! #TheJourneyContinues