Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Speaking Engagements and Consulting

Speaking Engagements

If you are looking for a powerful guest speaker, Dave has been motivating audiences for over a decade. From corporate events, key notes to customized seminars and workshops, Dave Dame provides impactful and engaging talks to inspire change. If you are looking for a specific event please contact us

Below is a list of topics of subject matter expertise:


In this new age, leaders have to understand their role in the organization. Expectations are changing and the role is harder than ever before. Dave Dame world-class organizational change agent talks about creating psychological safety, supporting and growing a continuous learning organization, and the wins possible with empowering bottom-up innovation.

Learn what it means to measure yourself as a leader, understand that the right question is better than giving the right solution and how the commitment of "willing to sweep the floor" is what employees are looking for in our new age leaders.

From pushing decisions down to others growth being your measuring stick Dave shared his first-hand experience being a Leader and working with Leaders to do what is best for the employee, customer and organization.


Change is hard, in fact, it's scary but change is necessary. Dave Dame world-class organizational change agent talks about organizations getting drunk on change initiatives and how a balanced approach provides the best chances for success.

Dive into why change is critical, how you can't sell to yesterdays customer and the importance of understanding the organization does not change, it's the people within the organization.

From the organization to the customer Dave shares his experience in balancing between different types of change, articulating the unknown and the friction of change in his career and life.


Innovation needs a purpose, it's not about today's customer it's about laying the groundwork for tomorrows revenue. It takes courage, being able to be wrong 50 times for the opportunity to be right once. Innovation needs focus, diverging and converging on the best solution possible.

Dave Dame world-class organizational change agent talks about innovation from a number of different angles, How do we manage the cost of innovation? How do we make learning a first-class citizen? How do we stay divergent for as long as possible?  These questions and more are discussed as Dave shares his unique lens on innovation.


A leader-ful culture is a culture where the level of empowerment makes it hard to identify the leader. Pushing down decisions is the key. Dave Dame world-renowned organizational change agent talks about how an empowered employee-centric culture is the foundation of being customer-centric.

There are many types of organizational cultures but when behaviours like curiosity and learning are encouraged with an environment of diverse perspectives you get 360 growth.

Dave shares his insights into culture and how he himself is a culture conduit.


Process and frameworks is the foundation to Organizational Agility, but does not get you there in of itself. It's working with you to create the behaviours needed to sustain long term success.

Your company's journey toward agile guards with the development teams. Your journey cannot end there. The key success factor in your agile transformation is how the rest of your organization changes to support this new way of working. How do you do performance reviews? What is the manager's role? How do we fund initiatives? How do we create a marketing campaign around ever changing requirements? How do we instill the culture of the start up within our large organization? Working with all functions of your organization from finance, human resources, and marketing you need to be properly aligned to issue your whole organization can move at this new rapid rate.;

Working with your company, I help provide experience and strategies for you to own your organizational change initiative. At the end of our engagement you will be able to maintain a culture of change to rapidly innovate and compete within your market space;

From my experience, the rate of which your organization progresses through their agile adoption is directly proportional to what you invest in coaching people and teams in your organization. Realize your ROI quicker by making this investment. Typical uses include:

  • A sounding board for the leadership of your agile transition Problem
  • exploration within projects


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